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There are numerous places to get information on how best to use Mathematica. Wolfram Research host many resources themselves, including the entire documentation for Mathematica version 4.0.

The first stop for Mathematica help beyond the documentation should always be the moderated MathGroup mailing list. Wolfram hosts a fully-searchable archive of MathGroup postings. The mailing list is also available as a moderated UseNet newsgroup, comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica. Mathematica Web hosts the tips and tricks of Ted Ersek, including his Graphics Tricks, as well as other general tips, available via the side navigation bar.

See also our tutorials:

Putting Mathematica graphics into Microsoft Word (8k Mathematica notebook)
There are a few catches, so here is a blurb on how to do it, for those with no expertise in graphics formats.
A Tutorial on using Upvalues (12k Mathematica notebook)
This example constructs a Lag Operator object using Upvalues. Now you can look at the properties of ARMA time series in algebraic form.
Say NO to Loops! – the power of functional programming. (36k Mathematica notebook)
I knew functional programming was faster, but in some cases it can be 20 times as fast! Here's a notebook showing the Timing results – let my experience guide your programming efforts.