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Mathematica and Economics Links

Thomas Cool’s Economics Pack site
Home page and download area for the only comprehensive third-party commercial add-on for Mathematica in economics.
U Illinois Mathematica & Economics Lab
Professor Jane Leuthold and others at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have been doing some very interesting work with Mathematica, particularly as a teaching tool for undergraduate economics.
See also the Mathematica links page maintained by the same department
Luke Froeb’s site
Luke is doing some interesting things with MathScript, and has some useful code for download, including some Maximum Likelihood Estimation routines.
Colin Rose’s Theoretical Research Institute
He’s a big advocate of Mathematica.
Mathematics and Mathematica in Economics book
This site contains the Solutions to problem sets in the book by Huang and Crooke.
Joseph Harrington’s site at Johns Hopkins
Contains some animations of Mathematica graphs pertaining to his recent research.
 Craig Marcott at Purdue University
Mathematica animations of macro and micro topics.